Third Transnational Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal 08.01.2020 to 09.01.2020 in Lisbon, Portugal the third meeting of FLOURISH project, “Facilitating Organisational Innovation” took place and was hosted by AidLearn. All partner organizations were represented and a total of 13 participants from Bulgaria, Portugal, Lithuania, Hungary and Poland attended the event.

The first day of the meeting was dedicated to discuss the progress on the pilot testing of IO2: FLOURISH Curriculum, Course and Manual for learners and to gather feedback from Portuguese and Lithuanian partners, who have already completed this task. The two partners who had finished the pilot tests also shared useful tips and advices for the conduction of the pilot testing course. The further improvement of the content based on the obtained feedback from pilot tests was discussed. All of the participants were deeply engaged in the constructive discussion about the finalization of IO2 and remaining activities.

During the second day partners planned the activities, related to IO3: FLOURISH Educational Video, the discussion was led by AidLearn. ECQ presented the plan for the development of IO4: FLOURISH Guide for VET providers. Project financial management, progress on dissemination and exploitation activities as well as updates of the project website were also reviewed during the second day. The meeting finished with the elaboration of a tasks list and work plan until the next project meeting planned for September 2020.