Project kick-off meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas science and technology parkOn 10th December 2018 in Kaunas, Lithuania the kick-off meeting of the project “Facilitation Organisational Innovation” – FLOURISH, Project No 2018-1-BG01-KA202-048014 was held. FLOURISH is developed within Erasmus + Programme, Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices and is with 2-year duration starting from October 2018 and ending in   September 2020.  The general aim of the project is to support the uptake of organisational innovation by SMEs across Europe through the development, piloting and implementation of a holistic innovation coaching methodology using a multilevel approach - individual, group and organization.  The first meeting in Kaunas was dedicated to present in detail the project goals, the planned activities and the roles of the partners. All participants had the opportunity to introduce their organizations and to share different good practices. Deeply described from the coordinator of the project were also the administrative and financial rules of the ERASMUS+ Programme, the plan for the elaboration of the outputs and the research methods.  Participants agreed on common communication channels and debriefed on project dissemination and exploitation strategy. The event managed to build a strong connection between the partners and a common vision about the future actions.

A three days joint staff training event followed the kick-off meeting, during which representatives from all partners learned the fundamental aspects of the Problem Solving Method called "Problemaction", a model developed by APGICO. The training sessions was led by APGICO’s experts and the general objective was to present the six-step intervention model - diagnosis, facilitator training, company forum, project implementation, evaluation, and process appropriation. Critical success factors (CSF), creative problem solving (CPS) and different innovation training methods were discussed. The workshop was highly evaluated by the partners and it provided a great atmosphere for networking and intercultural learning environment.