The globalisation, the high degree of interconnectivity and new technological advances have forced many SMEs to reinvent not only their products and services, but also their business and organisational models, in view of staying competitive in a fast-paced economy.

The general aim of FLOURISH project is to support the uptake of organisational innovation by SMEs across Europe through the development, piloting and implementation of a holistic innovation coaching methodology using a multilevel approach - individual, group and organizational.

The main goal will be achieved through several specific objectives:
1) To create a professional profile of Organisational Innovation Coach for SMEs;
2) To develop a holistic training course and manual for Organisational Innovation Coaches based on the APGICO’S participative innovation model and Creative Problem-Solving protocol;
3) To elaborate an educational video which will serve as refresher training, aimed at recalling and reinforcing previously acquired knowledge and skills;
4) To create a solid foundation for ensuring the usability of the course for a wider VET audience;
5) To develop a concise and focused methodological document aimed at supporting VET providers in the process of using the innovative training content;
6) To increase the awareness of EU business and VET community about the importance of organizational innovation and to create the necessary supporting culture for that;
7) To provide EU SMEs with open educational resources in the field of organizational innovation.
Given that the majority of European SMEs are involved in global value chains, constant innovation and efficiency are a must to ensure competitiveness in a global context. Following the FLOURISH methodology SMEs will be able to introduce new forms of work organisation, ensure stronger employee participation in innovation processes, advance the managerial techniques and draw lessons to build on in their continuous improvement.


  • SMEs top and middle managers
  • SME employees
  • Management and innovation consultants
  • Training companies and VET providers
  • People responsible for organisational innovation
  • HR management
  • Business-related young graduates

Local and regional impact: The adoption of the FLOURISH training material by SMEs will result in their improved flexibility and quicker adaptability to the changes imposed by the dynamic environment in which they operate. The improved skills and competences concerning innovation will have as an effect more competitive companies prepared to face the challenges of globalization, internationalization and mobile labour force.
National impact: Partner countries will benefit from raising the number of SMEs adopting organisational innovation and producing products with a higher added value. FLOURISH open-access training content will be an easy way for VET providers at national level to modernize their programmes without investing additional funds. The more VET institutions adopt the products, the greater the impact will be on the VET system as a whole.
European impact: The FLOURISH outputs will be widely applicable, available in 6 languages and can be used beyond the countries involved in the project. They may serve as a basis for further development.

“Our century greatest innovation will be
the method of innovation.”
(Max McKeown)